Stardock Groupy 1.25 Repack


Groupy is a powerful organisational tool for Windows that will keep information tabbed and organised. You can drag and drop multiple applications and documents together to group them into a tabbed interface for easy access and reference.
  • Drag and drop applications together to group them under a common tabbed interface
  • Organise multiple applications and documents together for convenient access
  • Group related tabs together for optimal workflow
  • Manage tabs in quick and natural ways with the browser-like interface
  • Add new tabs to existing groups quickly and easily
  • Mouse-over tabs to preview the window contents
  • Copy files between Explorer tabs. Drag files to the target tab, pause to switch, and then into the target window.
  • Automatically group instances of the same application together


Stardock Groupy Repack


Activation: ByD3s1gn. Original By JiNSER@AMPED.










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